Festival Call

Kerman International Festival of Resistance Poetry with a comprehensive look at the "Resistance" word as a concept emerging from the nations' cultures, and with an outlook exceeding all geographical borders, invites all poets believing in this concept to participate in the festival. Kerman as the host city of the festival is the cosmopolis of resistance and Iranian art, and hometown of the resistance grand martyr, lieutenant general Haj Ghasem Soleimani, whose name and way will be ineffaceable.
  • Oppression-fighting‌
  • Justice-seeking
  • Freedom-seeking
  • Arrogance-fighting
  • Resistance figures across the world
  1. Traditional Persian poetry
  2. Modern Persian poetry
  3. Traditional Arabic poetry
  4. Modern Arabic poetry
  5. English poetry
Submission guidelines
  • There are no limitations for participating in this festival.
  • The festival is open to poets from all over the world without any entry fee.
  • Maximum two poems per poet are allowed.
  • Each poet can participate in only one category.
  • The submitted poems mustn't have been selected at other festivals.
  • The submitted poems mustn't have been published in poet's books or in anthologies.
  • Submission is possible only through the official festival website.
  • The entrant should send his/ her works in a word file accompanied by a pdf file(the poems in the file should have a title or a number to be distinguished from each other clearly).
  • Each selected poet should attend the final ceremony of the festival; otherwise, his/ her absence will be considered as withdrawal.
  • The selected poets for attending the final ceremony will be hospitably hosted by the festival secretariat.
  • The selected works will be published in the form of a book and, also, in the festival's special issue.
Awards in Each Category
First winners: festival statuette, appreciation letter, and $800 in cash
Second winners: festival statuette, appreciation letter, and $600 in cash
Third winners: festival statuette, appreciation letter, and $400 in cash
Call release date May/ 23/ 2022
Deadline August/ 11/ 2022
Final ceremony November/ 14/ 2022 to November/ 21/ 2022

(The final ceremony of the Resistance Poetry International Festival will be held during three days in Kerman city along with public poetry reading nights and specialty sittings.)